Initial Commit

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The Dream

Vedette has been an idea in the making for quite some time now. Ever since a very hasty morning commute to a new location using Google Maps, that took me through the heart of Joburg CBD in a less than a trustworthy car. That was the birth of the idea for Vedette, an app that can show you where the crime hotspots are.

No more planning an entire trip using Google Street View and reading up on the areas before going to a braai at someone’s place where you have never been before. That small change to your life, that organisation of paranoia all into one app, that there was the dream.

Thinking about the app day in and day out. “Today would have been great if such an app existed”. “Wish I could see if the place where we are going on holiday is as safe as I want it to be”. Too many times, did I have such a thought. Too many times, did I wish I could have such an app.

The Problem

So I am a software developer, which means I have the skills to create software, but I have never developed an app from scratch, not a native app (an app developed for a sole platform using its dedicated language and platform). So I will need to learn how, which isn’t really a problem, it just needs some time.

Ahah, and there is the problem… Time. Working full-time for a company where you sit the whole day looking at code that doesn’t interest you and sucks all energy from you, made going and working on something you are going to struggle with very difficult. Well, it did for me. Getting home, I was drained and only wanted to watch series and play computer games. So the time problem was just an excuse really. But an excuse I stuck to nonetheless.

Always thinking I am not good enough to develop my own software from scratch, I tried to find people that would help me, but alas, no one was interested, or that had the same excuse I had, not enough time, or just too tired.


All I needed was the FEAR. To quit my job, so that the fear of living on the street becomes so unbearable that I do whatever it takes to get the job done.

The Solution

I moved to Australia and became unemployed. No more excuse regarding time. Now the excuse is I don’t have the knowledge, sooo I remedied that by taking a course on Udemy to quickly learn the basics of Android development. That took some time, but it was worth it. I had the basics down and was ready to jump in and jump in I did.

Made the initial commit on the 18th of July 2019. Vedette was born. Well, Vedette was conceived and still had a while to go before it can be born. But I was excited, motivated, and above all, had no excuses.

One and a half months of coding from 10 in the morning till 3 the next morning, watching YouTube tutorials and reading StackOverflow posts and finally, Vedette was born. Vedette version 1.0.0 launched on the Google Play store on the 2nd of September 2019.


The word vedette comes from the Spanish word velar, which mean to keep watch, which later moved to Southern Italian as the word veletta and even further to French as the word vedette, which means scout.

Vedette is an app to give each user the ability to keep watch around them and scout out dangerous areas.

This is all for the safety of all. So that everyone can become aware of what is happening around them and be more vigilant.

You can download Vedette right now from the Google Play store and if you need further details of how to use the app and all of its features, you can read up on the tutorial or email for any queries you might have.