Expanding the Road so Far

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Digital Capitán

Digital Capitán is always expanding. Expanding with new updates, expanding with new technologies, and most importantly, expanding with new ideas.


Our first big idea that came to life.

Vedette is now almost four months old and has received five big updates so far. These updates consist of brand new features, major bug fixes, and ideas from users that have been implemented. See Release notes.

This will be the path we follow with Vedette, where we keep updating the app with new features based on ideas we have to better the app for all, but also based on the feedback we get from our users. They are, after all, the community that uses the app, they should have a say with what happens to Vedette.

Tech Stack Expanding

Interested in the tech we use and the upgrades we are making to our technical standards? Follow along. Vedette was built natively for Android and we use Firebase for backend-as-a-service. Firebase allows us to quickly prototype ideas, get it out there for our testers to test and iterate on improvements.

We noticed that developing apps natively is going to be too slow for us to keep on bringing our ideas to life. Especially because we want our creations to be available on Android, iOS and desktop, and because we still have a very small team at the moment.

So we have made the decision to move over and start developing our apps on the Flutter platform. This gives us the ability to write one code base, for the most part, be able to launch it for multiple platforms.

Our new tech stack for 2020 will mainly consist of Flutter for the frontend and Firebase for the backend.

Idea Vault

We have an entire vault full of ideas, like a party treasure hunting app to an app that calculates how intoxicated a person is. These are ideas we want to launch on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store, some of them will later on get an interface for desktop devices as web apps. One day you will be able to access Vedette on the website to view the reported criminal events.

So no one needs to worry about future ideas for Digital Capitán, but if you have an idea that you want to have come to life, then don’t hesitate to contact us and we can get a plan going on how we can help you achieve your dream.

Expanding this year

2020 is the year of expanding. We were established in 2019 and released our very first application. This year we will be updating Vedette and creating brand new ideas. So stay tuned…