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Open Source Documentation

A lot of developers these days don’t read documentation. Flutter Documentation is here to save them.

Why you no read?

Do they not know where to find it?

Do they just hate reading documentation? Which I can understand. Rummaging around in most of Oracle’s documentation, or figuring out what all the attributes in Maven does, can be quite tiring. Oh, and don’t get me started on AWS.

Or do they simply just don’t know how to read? I would not hold it against them, I have seen some developers that I am pretty sure could not read.

Whatever the reason is not to read documentation, you can hopefully take a deep breath, turn the page and start reading the docco. Flutter documentation is definitely in the running for best documentation in my opinion.

Flutter Documentation to the Rescue

The fact that Flutter is completely open-source is an amazing added benefit to the documentation. While you are coding and wondering how something works or how the engineers at Google created this widget, you can easily take a peek at the code.

Wondering how the RefreshIndicator widget does beneath the hood? No worries, simply ctrl/cmd+click on the widget and voilà…

Open Source Documentation

Not good enough for you?

You can also just search for the RefreshIndicator on their API Documentation. Find out exactly how the widget Constructors, Properties and Methods work.

Hooray for Community

Say hello to wonderful, and abundant amount of Flutter community members, ready to provide examples and advice.

There are a multitude of websites out there with not just small examples of how widgets works, like Flutter Widget Livebook

But also with the complete source code of Flutter applications, like FreeFlutterSource

Flutter Documentation read, but having issues?

Lucky for you, you fall into the category of… Developer, where no matter how much you know, you create issues for yourself. This is where our one true saviour comes in. StackOverflow with more than 70 000 answered questions and counting.

Still, stuck? Go try your luck with GitHub as there are hundreds of thousands of issues that are asked and answered, I am sure you will figure something out.

New Age Flutter Documentation

If all of the above seems to 1990 for you, you can always take a crack at newer forms of media like Instagram to learn how everything in Flutter works. flutter.master is a great example of bite-size posts that will help you up your knowledge

If you are interested in joining a group to share and receive help and ideas about Flutter and Dart, consider joining our FlutterHelp group on Facebook.

The Flutter community is booming with no end in sight (praying that Google doesn’t scrap Flutter), which is a good thing for all of us. The bigger and stronger the community the better, not just for us, but for Flutter as framework.

Tired of Reading?

Hell, if you got this far I assume you can read and don’t mind reading documentation, but if you still feel as if it is too much effort to read and understand the Flutter Documentation, you can always just slap the class you are interested in into YouTube, or even better, check out the official Flutter YouTube channel, they have an awesome playlist called Widget of the Week where they explain with examples how to use various widgets

Reading documentation has never been this easy, thanks to Flutter Documentation. Here is to hoping that more people/companies will follow suit, do the right thing, and prepare proper documentation.

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