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Easy Flutter Documentation

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A lot of developers these days don’t read documentation. Flutter Documentation is here to save them. Why you no read? Do they not know where to find it? Do they just hate reading documentation? Which I can understand. Rummaging around in most of Oracle’s documentation, or figuring out what all the attributes in Maven does, can be quite tiring. Oh, and don’t get me started on AWS. Or do they… Read More »Easy Flutter Documentation
Digital Capitán

Expanding the Road so Far

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Digital Capitán is always expanding. Expanding with new updates, expanding with new technologies, and most importantly, expanding with new ideas. Vedette Our first big idea that came to life. Vedette is now almost four months old and has received five big updates so far. These updates consist of brand new features, major bug fixes, and ideas from users that have been implemented. See Release notes. This will be the path… Read More »Expanding the Road so Far

Initial Commit

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The Dream Vedette has been an idea in the making for quite some time now. Ever since a very hasty morning commute to a new location using Google Maps, that took me through the heart of Joburg CBD in a less than a trustworthy car. That was the birth of the idea for Vedette, an app that can show you where the crime hotspots are. No more planning an entire… Read More »Initial Commit