v 1.6.0 Release date: 29-01-2020

Event Types:

  • Burglary has been added as a stand-alone Event type with its own marker icon

Quality of life changes:

  • More data gathered for analytical purposes

v 1.5.6Release date: 11-01-2020

Update Events:

You can now update an Event that you reported, by viewing the Event as normal and changing the details you want to change.

Quality of life changes and bug fixes:

  • Opening Vedette now opens the map to you last known location
  • The Description field of the Event is now a mandatory field when saving and updating an Event
  • Fixed a bug where the filtering of Events that are displayed on the map, didn’t filter correctly. By default, it should only show the last 3 months worth of Events.
  • Fixed a bug where Vedette would crash if you searched for a place while Vedette was still loading all the necessary information
  • The Event Type field now defaults to being unselected, to make sure users choose the correct Event Type and not just using the default value.

v 1.4.4 Release date: 25-10-2019

Vedette is now globally available

Quality of life changes and bug fixes:

  • Added a link in Main Menu drawer to full Tutorial of Vedette
  • Fixed a bug where the map will duplicate markers and cluster bubbles
  • Fixed a bug where device takes too long to load map causing app to crash

v 1.4.1Release date: 14-10-2019

Recent Events Log:

Brand new screen that displays all recent Events that were reported near you, in a radius of 60km.

Quality of life changes and fixes:

  • More robust codebase – Improve bug-fix times and release times for new features

v 1.3.5Release date: 23-09-2019

Quality of life changes and fixes:

  • Vedette can now be used globally to report Events in other timezones
  • Better maintainability of code – Improve bug fix times

v 1.3.3Release date: 19-09-2019

Media Upload:

  • New Events that are reported can now contain media like images and videos
  • Events with media can now be seen from the Map screen with a white circle and play icon attached to their marker

Event Types:

  • Abduction has been added as a stand-alone Event type with its own marker icon

Quality of life changes and fixes:

  • Greater responsiveness when opening the Map screen

v 1.0.0Release date: 02-09-2019

The initial release of Vedette for Android on the Google Play store.

Map screen that gives the user the ability to filter Events based on type and date of when the event occurred.

Vedette gives you the ability to Report the following types of Events:

  • Assault
  • Drugs
  • Fire
  • Hijacking
  • Murder
  • Prostitution
  • Riot
  • Robbery
  • Sexual Assault
  • Vandalism